As a registered education provider, Education Access Australia has set of policies and procedures for compliance with its regulatory framework. Some of the key policies and procedures are provided below for your immediate reference:

Policies on this website are for the explicit use of staff and students of EAA. Any unauthorised copying/printing is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the CEO of Education Access Australia. EAA reserves the right to pursue the matter and claim damages, should it discover that the information has been utilised by third persons or organisations without the written permission of CEO of the College.


For International Students


  1. Privacy
  2. Critical Incident
  3. AQF Certification
  4. Credit
  5. Complaints and Appeals
  6. Fees and Refunds
  7. Student Administration
  8. Course Transfer
  9. Course Progress Monitoring
  10. Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation
  11. Training and Assessment
  12. Student Code of Conduct
  13. Student Support Services
  14. Student Application, Selection Enrolment and Orientation

If you are unsure about the policies and procedures related to your concern/issue or the required policy is not listed above, you must contact our student services staff at the college or via email

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