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Monday22 January 2018

Telemarketing Scam

Telemarketing Scam WarningEducation Access Australia is aware of the recently discovered “Phone Scams”. It involves scammer fraudulently claiming to be our employee, and offering various government grants online and face-to-face courses. There is particular concern where scammers are using incentives such as laptops, iPads and cash-back offers to encourage students to sign up and asking for confidential information and photo IDs.

We believe that an overseas organisation may be behind this scam and have reports that their call back number changes from time to time. Education Access Australia confirms that our in-house Marketing staff and duly appointed education agents are strictly bounded by the college’s marketing protocol and prohibited from making unsolicited phone calls to prospective students and calls to individuals on the do not call register. We do not provide any incentive to prospective students to undertake studies with us. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to make an informed decision based on the information on this website and our marketing material before submitting application for enrollments with us.

As you may well understand, this is a very disturbing matter and we are extremely concerned about our college reputation, particularly when our name is being associated with such scam. Although we are exploring all possible legal advices, at this stage we are unable to put an end to this scam as we have no solid evidence to trance these scammers since they are solely operating from overseas and organisations running scams like this from overseas are usually beyond the reach of Australian law enforcement authorities.  

If you believe you have been contacted by any such scammer and have doubt about the authenticity of the call you have received, we urge everyone to Contact Us on (03) 9654 3433 or email your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the same time we also encourage you to report any possible scams to, an independent website run by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), which provides vital information to Australian consumers on how to deal and report scams. ACCC can also be contacted on 1300 795 995. Please note that anything you report to ACCC, will be analysed and dealt by ACCC directly.

Education Access Australia sincerely appreciates your understanding and cooperation.

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