The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure EAA compliance with SRTOs and to ensure that learners’ records are systematically managed. Learners’ records are defined as enrolment details, learning support needs, records of complaints and appeals, outcomes at unit of competency level and qualification level, statement of attainment and qualifications completed and issued.



EAA will systematically collect, record and store records of learners’ participation and course progress in their training program. We define the systematic collection, recording and storage of records as:

  • records of assessment results of unit of competency
  • records can be easily accessed;
  • privacy of the learner is protected;
  • information collected from and about learners meets the requirements of state and territory registering bodies
  • EAA staff is aware of record collection, recording and storage responsibilities, and carry out these responsibilities effectively
  • EAA will inform students via student handbook about the procedure of gaining access to their records of participation and progress



  •  Admission staff at EAA will collect all the information as per the admission process and ensure accurate data is entered in the student management system (student management system) and student file
  • Academic support (LLN etc) and/or admin support provided by EAA staff is accurately documented and entered in student management system
  • Training support officer will collect and record assessment results of unit of competency in student management system
  • Students should complete and submit the following forms to gain access to their record of participation:
  1. Application for award of course completion (after the course is completed i.e. all the units of competencies of the enrolled course are successfully achieved as Competent)
  2. Application for record of participation (to gain access to current record of course progress)
  3. Application for Re-issue of Award or Statement of Attainment (If the original Award or statement of attainment is misplaced or damaged). There is a fee of $200 for this application
  • Admin staff will process the above application(s) within two weeks, once all the outstanding fee are paid by the student
  • Copies of the records of participation and progress will be filed in the student file and student management system is updated



EAA will ensure it operates consistently with the National Privacy Principles and only collects the personal information that is necessary for the conduct of its business, and that it will use that information in the manner for which it was intended.


No records are made available to any third party without the express consent of the student, that ID of any person including the student requesting information will need to be provided. That information will be withheld without proof of identity.